Valentina Biagini, Green Empathy Founder

Traveling has always been part of my life, from an early age. I lived in the United States (Los Angeles and Washington D.C.) for 7 years where I studied International Relations (BA + MA) and worked for several organizations, including the UN system, but also for NGOs. After returning to Italy in 1999 and settling in Castel Gandolfo, I went to live in London for 3 years (from 2007 to 2009).

Although I already had a certain “sensibility”, these international experiences enriched me and gave me a certain “mentality” that allowed me to understand what some people are looking for when visiting places

I have been a consultant in the fields of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Sustainable Development, Corporate Governance and Socially Responsible Investment for over 20 years. I have also created several WebTV projects on the promotion of Social and Environmental Responsibility and organized several Ethical/Sustainable events, such as fairs dedicated to organic and ecological products and services, TEDx events on social and environmental issues and so on. 
In 2004 I co-founded L.A.K.E. E-volutions, a local non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of these issues, including Sustainable Tourism, and I made it join the United Nations Global Compact. Finally, I had a bookstore and a library specialized in social and environmental issues (The Sustainable Niche) and for two years, through LAKE E-volutions, we managed the Tourist Information Point of Castel Gandolfo to offer a service of welcome to people who visited the city and the Castelli Romani area.

AllTrade Business: Tourism, Travel, Events & Wedding

Green Empathy is an AllTrade Business affiliate, a network of over 100  travel agencies and events in Italy that is made up of a Team of Professionals who have been working in the Tourism and Events sector for many years.

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Love Story Store

Love Storty Store is the AllTrade Business project that combines Travel and Tourism to the Organization of Events and Weddings and Green Empathy is the first ‘Green’ Love Story Store in Italy and perhaps the first reality in Italy and the world to unite Sustainable Travel and Tourism to the Organization of Green Events and Weddings .