GW in Italy Services

Your Green/Sustainable Wedding

While we already operate according to a socially and environmentally responsible ‘philosophy’ without this affecting you (economically) in any way, you will be the one to choose if you wish one or more green elements: ecological invites,sustainable wedding favours, ecological clothing, ethical wedding rings and jewellery,sustainable wedding favours, ecological clothing, zero-mile and/or organic food, sustainable make-up and hairdressing, locations that apply environmental sustainability criteria, settings with recycled materials, more ecological means of transport, local flowers, silent fireworks, unamplified music…

Responsible Video-Making

Attraverso i nostri partner specializzati in far risaltare tematiche valoriali, avrai un video unico nei suoi contenuti e nella modalità in cui verrà girato. Inoltre, utilizziamo solo droni e piloti certificati.

Sustainable Honey Moons

Through Green Empathy Travel, Green Empathy’s outgoing travel project, we are able to offer you the most sustainable locations and itineraries for your dream honeymoon.

Carbon offsetting

Through our ‘green partners’, if you wish, you can compensate for the CO2 emitted by your honeymoon flight or by the event in general, for example by supporting a reforestation project.