Of course, for us Sustainability is a top priority and we try to do our best to reduce our (negative) impact on the Environment and People and to improve our POSITIVE IMPACT!

It is an ongoing process that will grow over time also thanks to your contribution.

What we are already doing:
We use alternative energy for our office’s -and home- power through LifeGate Energy

We have offset the CO2 emitted by visits to our website through the LifeGate Zero Impact Website initiative.

Our business cards are printed on certified recycled paper and with vegetable wax inks.

For our tours and events:
We use low-emission coaches and vehicles (where possible) for our daily life and for our tours.

We propose and use zero-mile and preferably organic products (where possible).
We prefer to support local communities by purchasing from local producers or artisans. If not, we prefer fair-trade products.

Practice what you preach, right?:)

In addition, we provide compensation/offsetting packages for the CO2 emitted by services or products that do not have an ecological alternative through the support of environmental projects (reforestation, etc..) chosen by you.

Wish to adhere to Zero Impact Web and/or to have 100% Italian alternative power (if you reside/operate in Italy) through LifeGate?
Contact Green Empathy through the contact form below ! 🙂