Green Holiday in Italy

Green Holiday in Italy is the Sustainable Incoming Tourism project, Tour Design & Consulting side of Green Empathy for the Responsible traveller searching for an experience that suits his or her values, as well as for the B2B reality (such as tour operator) who seeks Sustainable Tourism proposals for its clients. It aims to promote and provide proposals for Sustainable Tourism in Italy.
We at Green Empathy believe that human activities such as tourism, if organized in a sustainable way and practiced responsibly, can contribute to improving the impact we have on the environment and on people.

Mission: With projects such as Green Holiday in Italy we intend to inspire, with lightness and, why not, also fun, an Individual and Collective Awareness and we are committed to the Co-Creation of a better world in which to live.

Why Sustainable and Responsible Tourism:
Sustainable or Responsible Tourism gives us the opportunity to positively amplify the impact on the place we visit and the relationship with the people who live it.

But what is the difference between Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Tourism? 
The substantial difference between Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Tourism is that the former is practiced by the entity that offers destinations, packages, products, tourist services, etc. while the latter is practiced by those who choose certain services, packages or destinations and it depends on behavior implemented while practicing a tourist activity.

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