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Our Story

Green Empathy is a Consulting Agency based in Castel Gandolfo (Rome) that consults on how to organize Sustainable Events, Green Weddings, and Sustainable Tourism and Travel Experiences. Green Empathy aims to reconcile the respect for the Environment and Society and was founded in 2018 on the initiative of Valentina Biagini, a Social and Environmental Responsibility consultant for more than 20 years. Our role is to offer experiences in the name of respect for nature and people and to contribute to the Sustainable Development of the local and international economy. To make all this possible, we take into account the social and environmental needs of those who live and visit a place. We aim to promote a Circular Economy through choices that are as ecological and ethical as possible, for our present and for future generations.
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Our Projects

Green Empathy is aimed both at people who are already attentive to wanting to choose a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and at those who might not choose products or services because they are 'green' but because they would still be attracted by other indirect factors. By doing so, Green Empathy intends to act as a catalyst and inspire free, conscious and sustainable choices to improve our quality-of-life and the state of the Environment in which we find ourselves now and in the future. While we are aware that to live a life in harmony with everyone and everything one has to act in a broad and holistic manner, the direct activities on which Green Empathy focuses for now are: the Design and Organization of Sustainable Events and Weddings; the Design of Sustainable Tours in Italy and internationally. However, we will soon consult on and provide Sustainable Travel proposals & services (both national and international) of third parties. Through partnerships with specific realities that operate in various ethical and sustainable ways, we try to act on the Well-being of People and the Environment at 360 degrees. We design tailor-made experiences for institutions, individuals and companies. Where there is no sustainable or 'green' alternative, as a 'last resort', we offer CO2 Emission Compensation Packages through our Green Partners.

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Green Holiday in Italy

Sustainable Incoming Tourism and Tour Design/Consulting

We propose and promote a way of visiting Italy as sustainably as possible, hoping to inspire responsible choices on the part of those who visit, through itineraries and excursions that run through experiences dedicated to the discovery of beauty, food, art, and culture, without having to renounce to fun, lightness, and taste. While we want to unveil the less known and 'beaten' aspects of our country, all this does not necessarily have to mean visiting remote places or cycling and going on foot. It can also be experienced in the most complex cities such as Rome and Venice, thanks to the collaboration of partners who offer green products and services and/or who operate in an ethical and sustainable manner, in order to improve the fate of the largest cities but above all to offer unique and valuable experiences that are pleasantly unforgettable.
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Green Empathy Travel

Sustainable Travel Outgoing

Through the Green Empathy Travel project, we will soon start from selecting with commitment the most sustainable destinations, structures and proposals of the classic tour operators in the market. In the future, we will also have proposals of realities and tour operators specializing in sustainable tourism but also those created by us. read more about Green Empathy Travel
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Green Wedding in Italy

Sustainable Weddings

For couples who dream of an ecologically and/or socially sustainable wedding in every detail or for those who intend to make their own gesture also through the choice of one or more 'green' elements/services, from the choice of a bouquet made for example with local flowers to a sustainable honeymoon (or even simply choosing a green agency like ours),to share their social and environmental commitment through their event. read more about Green Wedding in Italy
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Green Empathy Events

Sustainable Events

We organize sustainable events, for individuals and companies, which tell another way of life, which contain useful consumer choices for us and for the environment, thus selecting ad hoc installations, fabrics, locations, menus to create the perfect atmosphere according to everyone's needs.
Nature is not a place to visit. It's our home.
Gary Snyder

Our media


Through our and your experiences, we tell the story of the approach to the world of sustainability that is vast and constantly evolving. We are convinced that transmitting one's own values enriches the quality of decisions, from the smallest gesture to the largest choice.


Whether you are traveling, walking or just surfing the net, you have the opportunity to watch and share our videos with the participation of relevant guests, dealing with the most varied issues of individual, environmental and social responsibility.