MATTER & PURE: International Un-Conference on Tourism, Marrakech 8-9 September & 10-14 September

On September 8th and 9th Green Empathy participated to the ‘MATTER’ International Event and Conference on Tourism organized by Pure Life Experiences. After Matter, on September 10th, the B2B/Pure Fair kick-started to which, for this time, Green Empathy is not participating.

MATTER is an event attended by a thousand people from all over the world that brings together the best minds specializing in high-level experiential travel and beyond.
A ‘dynamic festival’ of 2 days for sharing ideas and problem solving by the pool. oriented to stimulate professional and personal growth.

This year’s work and conferences on the stages of MATTER concerned the major challenges and opportunities that our Community is facing: Business, Sustainability and Well-being/Wellness.
“Sustainable Luxury is the Future”: this is one of the central themes of this year’s event.
Although Green Empathy does not believe that sustainability should be the prerogative of the rich, this is the trend that is becoming more and more popular on the market and we intend to understand how to meet this niche and what proposals to provide.
We believe that an innovative, participatory event with a marked humanitarian background like MATTER organized by a reality called “Pure Life Experiences”, was a not to be missed opportunity. We participated to an Irrigation Community Project in a Berber Village, we attended many Master Classes on Sustainability in Tourism and Business , and we met many truly wonderful people who are seriously willing to contribute to the creation of a better world through their work.
To see pictures and videos on Marrakech please visit our Facebook page:


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